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At 1win, we want to develop the most exclusive online casino interface on the market ! Many of our users know us from our crash game: Jet Lucky 1win. To celebrate the arrival of our game and to help our future users, we have decided to launch a site dedicated entirely to this mini-game. Like a complete user guide, the 1win Casino teams reveal all the secrets of the Lucky Jet game.
Min. Bet$0.1
Max. Bet$1,000
Max. Win$1,000,000
Lucky Jet 1win - Play our EXCLUSIVE crash game now !

Lucky Jet 1win - Play our EXCLUSIVE crash game now !

Our development teams successfully completed Lucky Jet 1win's construction on February 28, 2022. Since the launch of this new crash game, our casino's traffic surged significantly, thanks in part to many users sharing their achievements on social media (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram). On a multiplayer interface, you can experience an entirely new gameplay in a 3D environment where the iconic character, Lucky Joe, endeavors to ascend as high as possible with his jetpack.

Jet Lucky 1win was conceived by our teams to compete with the leading existing airplane games online. We noticed that many creations were overlooked in favor of the new wave of casino mini-games. At 1win, we invested considerable time and resources to offer a modern interface, practical features, and a unique design. In just a few months, thousands of players have joined the multiplayer games of 1win Jet Lucky, making us proud of this creation. By playing Jet Lucky now, you could win up to $1 000 000 at our casino !

๐Ÿ“… Release DateFebruary 28, 2022
๐ŸŸข Minimum Bet$0.10
๐Ÿ”ด Maximum Bet$1 000
๐Ÿ† Maximum Win$1 000 000
๐Ÿš€ VolatilityVariable
๐Ÿ“ˆ RTP97%

๐Ÿš€ Innovative Gameplay !

On JetLucky 1win, our primary focus was to incorporate all the latest technologies for our users. If you're a casino gaming enthusiast seeking next-gen titles, Jet Lucky 1win promises an engaging experience. All games are communal, with thousands of players simultaneously betting on Jet Lucky ! To foster a real community within our game, we introduced unique features like a Live Chat among players and the ability to share your bets.

Through meticulous development efforts by our various 1win teams, we've integrated a color-coded system for tracking different game statistics and Lucky Joe's take-offs. You can leverage ongoing bets in each Lucky Jet session or observe when other players exit the game. This crash game offers one of the most innovative gameplay experiences in the market and ideal options for engagement.

๐Ÿ’ฅ Beware of the Crash !

As you're aware, our mini-game Jet Lucky 1win falls squarely into the category of next-gen crash games. You must place a bet before Lucky Joe's jetpack takes off, amass winnings with the rising multiplier, and withdraw before the crash ! Our 1win online casino team settled on a maximum multiplier of x10 000, far surpassing most other crash games. With a maximum bet of $1 000, our users can aspire to win up to $1 000 000.

You'll have time to place your bets before Lucky Joe takes flight, as we allow a few seconds between each game for setup. Our design teams have worked diligently to offer a High-Definition 3D experience on Lucky Jet 1win. The jetpack's flame propels our main character skyward, potentially reaching space ! However, caution is essential during the crash, as being too ambitious could lead to losing your entire bet.

๐Ÿ“ฑ Lucky Jet 1win - Now Available on Mobile !

We understand that next-gen games must cater to all existing systems. Our teams developed Jet Lucky 1win using HTML5, ensuring fluidity, speed, and compatibility. You can now play on Lucky Jet Casino from iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows systems without any downloads !

To enjoy Lucky Jet 1win on your Samsung Galaxy S22+, iPhone 13, or any other mobile system, visit our official site via a standard web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). The Lucky Jet mini-game interface adapts to your screen resolution, providing access to all features. We're proud to offer this new experience to thousands of users across a myriad of existing systems.

Play Lucky Jet 1Win Now

Play Lucky Jet 1win: Only at our casino !

Naturally, such a creation couldn't be shared elsewhere ! Lucky Jet is exclusively available on 1win Casino for several months now. Should you decide to join our adventure and community, know that you can enjoy numerous other benefits. Our platform aims to bring together all forms of gambling into one space. 1win stands as one of the world's leaders.

Our advantages:

  • ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Up to $700 in bonuses offered across the first four deposits on 1win;
  • ๐ŸŽฐ Access to over 8 000 casino games in our collection;
  • โšฝ Ability to bet on over 30 sports in pre-match and live.

We are honored to announce that our 1win Casino isn't just the creator of the Jet Lucky game. Our teams work every day to add new publishers to our collection and provide an incredibly diverse experience. Sports, Casino, Poker, Quick Games, V-Sport, Fantasy, everything is possible with a single gaming account. Needless to say, Lucky Jet is merely a glimpse of the possibilities on our site.

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Lucky Jet 1win game sequence

Now that you're aware Lucky Jet 1win isn't available on every casino worldwide, let's guide you step by step to start playing. Our editorial team has detailed all the necessary steps to try your luck on one of the sessions at Lucky Jet 1win Casino.

1- Customize Your Game

Upon launching our game by simply clicking on the "Lucky Jet" tab from our main menu, you'll land amidst a session. While other players aim for the best multiplier, you have time to configure your session optimally. Essentially, you can place two separate bets ranging from $0.10 to $500 on Lucky Jet Casino.

Settings in our game :

  • โžก๏ธ Bet : Place one or two bets per session between $0.10 and $500;
  • โžก๏ธ Auto Bet : Simply check this box for Lucky Jet to consider your configuration for the next takeoff;
  • โžก๏ธ Auto Cashout : Check this box and set an automatic target multiplier between x1.01 and x10 000.

When you're ready, simply click on the "Bet" button to join the multiplayer games at Lucky Jet 1win. Between each session, the message "Waiting for the next round" appears for approximately 10 seconds, allowing you to double-check your configuration.

2- Lucky Joe Takes Off

After the 10-second wait for the next round, the game begins ! Lucky Joe ignites his jetpack and starts ascending into the sky. As this ascent progresses, the multiplier displayed in the center of the screen increases. It starts at x1.01 and can reach up to x10 000. Even though the crash can happen randomly, our users have full control over their bets placed on Lucky Jet 1win, which is the strength of this mini-game.

Throughout the game, your cashout amount increases alongside the multiplier displayed in the Lucky Jet 1win game ! You absolutely must click the manual collection button to withdraw before Lucky Joe disappears or hope that your automatic cashout is achieved to win the session. You have the option to track other users, gaining inspiration from their bets and observing when they withdraw. It's all happening at this moment !

3- Winnings at our Lucky Jet 1win Game

Thanks to a color code set up by our teams, you can easily observe the latest multipliers reached in our Lucky Jet 1win game. However, you're probably wondering what winnings you can expect by joining us ? Currently, we allow up to two bets of $500 each per session, and Lucky Joe can reach up to x10 000. Hence, you could win up to $1 000 000 on our creation, a record in the Gaming world.

Winning Records on Lucky Jet 1win :

๐ŸŽฎ Username๐Ÿ’ฐ Bet๐Ÿš€ Multiplier๐Ÿ† Winnings
Bernardox$10x265$2 650
VIPw1n_$50x105$5 250
SimpsonHo$20x689$13 780
tgFOR$200x99$19 800
Titi87$10x2450$24 500
Haga$500x150$75 000
Jetlucky1win$1 000x1201$1 000 000
7875116$1 000x1659$1 000 000

We've seen many of our players hit a jackpot on Lucky Jet 1win. However, please note, these impressive multipliers aren't achieved every time, and you may experience losses in numerous sessions before hoping to reach these peaks. With a maximum multiplier of x10 000, we've observed that many "small players" manage to achieve significant wins (up to $5 000 for a $0.50 bet).

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Lucky Jet 1win RTP: Your chance to win

The teams at 1win Casino are well aware that many players analyze the Return to Player (RTP) to understand a crash mini-game's potential. In the spirit of transparency, we now wish to unveil the Lucky Jet 1win RTP and the winning odds based on the multiplier you're targeting. With an RTP of 97%, we've prepared a table considering the margin we apply, allowing you to understand your actual chances of hitting a multiplier.

๐ŸŽฏ Targeted Multiplier๐Ÿ“ˆ RTP๐Ÿ€ Actual Chances

As you can easily observe, Lucky Jet 1win is configured to offer an RTP of 97%. Naturally, the odds displayed below are valid in the long run and may not apply to each session. Overall, you can assess your winning chances at Lucky Jet 1win based on the multiplier you aim for, considering our low 3% margin.

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Lucky Jet 1win Strategy: Secrets revealed

Over several months, we've noticed numerous users sharing Lucky Jet 1win strategies on various Telegram groups and our community Live Chat. To unveil the mystery surrounding our crash mini-game, we're eager to reveal a few tips devised by the 1win teams to increase your chances on Lucky Jet. Let's dive in !

๐Ÿ’ก Draw Inspiration from Results !

Similar to online roulette, we've integrated a complete history of the latest multipliers hit by Lucky Joe. This feature isn't randomly placed ! You can indeed try to analyze the frequency of certain multipliers and the ideal time to participate in the Lucky Jet 1win game. We advise waiting for at least 5 blue multipliers (below x2.00) to fall before starting to bet ! This should help break the variance phenomenon and give you a better chance of hitting a multiplier above x2.00.

๐Ÿ’ก Go for the x100 !

According to Lucky Jet 1win statistics, the x100 multiplier drops quite regularly but isn't won by many players. Indeed, most of our users exit the game to minimize risk (and they're right !). However, at 1win, we recommend placing two separate bets of equal value. Set an automatic cashout at x2 for one bet and try to reach the elusive x100 with the other bet ! This reduces the risk of losing and should help you regularly recoup your Lucky Jet Casino play.

๐Ÿ’ก Play Responsibly !

1win Casino is, first and foremost, a responsible platform ! We aim to bring enjoyment to our users and want to avoid putting you in an uncomfortable situation at all costs. For this reason, we ask you to play responsibly at Jet Lucky 1win and only use money that you can afford to lose. Regardless of the strategy you employ in our mini-game, fairness and random draws are always respected, meaning you might encounter unexpected outcomes. Hence, the best strategy to succeed on Lucky Jet is to remain responsible !

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The opinion of Jet Lucky 1win's developers

So it was in 2022 that our teams embarked on the adventure of developing Jet Lucky. To provide you with a real insight into Jet Lucky 1win, we found it interesting to interview one of our development team members : Yacin Kwita. He shares his perspective on our greatest success !

"When our teams conceived the idea of developing a crash game in 2022, we had very little information due to the youthfulness of this sector. We conducted extensive research and development to identify the best technologies to implement and to offer the most enjoyable product for our users. Looking back, I realize that we couldn't have done better ! Jet Lucky surpasses many of the games in this category and is certainly one of the most ergonomic and seamless experiences across all platforms. I'm quite proud to have been part of this adventure and to see our game become a global success."

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Team 1win

Last modification on : May 14, 2024

At 1win, we're fully aware of our players' aspirations - the thrill, passion and fun they're looking for. That's why we've developed "Lucky," an exclusive game available only on our Jet platform, which embodies a true revolution in the world of "Crash" casino games. Enjoy this unique experience and remember to play responsibly to keep entertainment fun.